What we do

We provide professional and comprehensive services in the areas of: accounting, tax settlements, HR and payroll services, as well as tax and financial consulting. We conduct accounting in a reliable, clear and affordable way.

Accounting services

We feel responsible for keeping you’re your books according to current regulations. We have appropriate licenses and civil liability insurance. The company’s offer is addressed mainly to institutions with various forms of ownership.

  • Set up of accounting policy
  • Plan of accounts
  • Running current financial accounting, in synthetic and analytical records
  • Calculating income tax advances
  • Preparation of financial statements in accordance with law (balance sheet, profit and loss account)
  • Issue of the Statistical Office reports
  • Monthly / quarterly reporting according to the client’s guidelines
  • Cooperation with a certified auditor
  • Representing the client before the fiscal authorities
  • Collection and storage of documents
  • Records of economic events and their correct booking due to sources of revenues and tax deductible costs
  • Fixed assets reporting
  • Calculating income tax advances
  • Preparation of annual tax returns PIT-36, PIT-36L
  • Representing the client before the tax authorities
  • Collection and storage of tax documentation
  • Supervision over deadlines, limits and factors affecting the acquisition or loss of the right to the abovementioned form of taxation
  • Fix assets records
  • Calculating income tax advances
  • Preparation of annual tax returns PIT-28
  • Representing the client before the tax authorities
  • Tax consulting in the scope of conducted business activity
  • Advisory of the most favorable form of taxation
  • Verification of sales invoices issued and cost invoices received
  • Preparation and storage of VAT registers
  • Ongoing verification of the correctness of issued and received VAT invoices
  • Preparation of VAT returns
  • Reporting, updating, de-registering an entity as an active VAT and EU-VAT taxpayer
  • Representing the client before the tax authorities
  • The option of collecting documents at the client’s premises
  • Preparation and sending of JPK-VAT files

HR and payroll services

Payrolls and monthly income tax declarations from individuals and social insurance declarations.

  • Preparation and maintenance of payrolls
  • Preparation of settlement declarations and name reports in accordance with applicable regulations and sending to ZUS
  • Preparation of information for employees (ZUS RMUA, pay slips)
  • Calculating personal income tax
  • Salary records and calculation
  • Social insurance calculations
  • Determining cash benefits related to termination of employment (equivalent for unused vacation leave, compensation for a short notice, etc.)
  • Determining the right to sick pay and benefits: sickness, maternity leave
  • Preparation of PIT-11, PIT 40, PIT 8AR declarations
  • Preparation of statistical reports
  • Preparation of social insurance declarations
  • Reporting, updating the status of insured staff
  • representing the client before social insurance authorities
  • Management of individual employee files
  • Preparation and supervision of work time records of individual employees
  • Preparation of employment related documentation such as contracts, annexes, terminations, employment certificates
  • Annual leave records
  • Reporting, updating, deregistration of an employee from ZUS
  • Records and control of medical certificates and OHS trainings
  • providing the update to employees regarding the annual leave and notice period entitlement
  • Sending to the Social Insurance Institution forms of the application, deregistration, changes
  • Preparation of employment and earning certificates

Financial and Tax Consultancy

Professional financial analysis for SME.

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